What equipment do you use?

Artwork:  The Art is created in a variety of different mediums.  I try to list the substrate and medium of each piece in the description.  My favorite mediums are Pencil, Charcoal, Oil Paint, Poster Color, and Casin Paint.  

Writing:  My writing process starts on notepads (yes pen and paper), then off to Note Cards (5 x 8 inch).  Once I have an idea about the general construction of a piece I start typing it into the computer.  As for software I use Trello for project managment and development and Ulysses as my main writing platform.  

Why don’t you have comments on your blog?

I love comments/critiques, and I think discussing art is an essential aspect of creating and viewing art.  The reason I do not have comments on my blog is that I want to focus on making more work.  The internet is vast and infinite which makes managing a stream of comments challenging when trying to produce content and art.  Please use the social media platforms Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram to discuss the work presented on this website.  I have set up an Ask a Question page if you have any questions about the work or for me.

When did you start making art?

Check out my About page for the basics.  I started an active study of creating art at Berkshire Community College and have an Associate degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I was not interested in painting realism until I moved to Weaverville, North Carolina to study art in my Dad’s studio in the River Arts District (Asheville).  I sold my first painting wet off the easel and have continued to create ever since.

Where can I buy your work?

I am currently working to get art prints of select work up on my website. For original works you can either contact me through the Ask a Question page on this website or find me at the conventions I will be attending in the future (Listed Below)

     - JordanCon (2019) - I will be an Attending Artist.